New member of the team

meBehind the scenes at Isle of Wight Street Pastors we have been making some small but important changes to how the charity runs, to try and enable us to keep making a difference in our community as effectively as possible. As part of this we have made some changes to the staff team including the recent appointment of a part-time administrator. We’re delighted to welcome Karen Penn to the team and can tell from the short time she’s been with us that she, and the new role, is going to make a big difference in the coming months.

2016 will be a big year for us. We’ve been going for seven years now and we think our work is still needed and valued. We think we need to be in this for the long-haul but we need to work more closely with local churches and the wider community to do that. We also need to be more effective about showing people the value of what we do. Those things may not sound as exciting as a brand new project launch, but we think they’re even more important and we’re putting as much effort in to making these changes as if we were starting something new. Many of these changes will happen unseen and the visible results may take a while, but we think they will be worth it.

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