We’ve been asked to provide an area on the website where you can let the world know about your experiences of Street Pastors on the Isle of Wight, so here it is!  You can read other peoples feedback below and add your own using the form at the bottom of the page. Alternatively you can fill in the form on the about us page to send your comments via email.

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  • Sarah Ralph

    I’m really pleased to hear that the Island has started up this scheme, they’re such an asset to a community. I’m currently part of a similar programme run by several churches in Aberystwyth called Nightlight. However, I actually move back to the Island from July after nearly a decade’s absence at University. I hope I can be involved!

    Best wishes 🙂

  • Al

    Hi, As promised I said I would comment on the fantastic work you guys are doing, and hope it was not too busy for you during our scooter invasion. Great chat to the two ladies while waiting for the bus back to the camp site.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Andrew Davidson

    Information evening – Newport

    Wonderful evening, well presented and thought provoking. Shame there were not more people attending to listen.

  • Hi there

    it was great to see you out doing your work at the festival this evening, I wish I had had enough tea bags at the time to make you all a cup of tea, we are there all weekend so please do call in and have a cuppa, keep up the good work.

    Best Regards

    Jamie – The Isle Of Wight Computer Geek

  • Alan

    Keep up the great work folks, the Lord bless and keep you in all that you do!!

    Much love in Jesus

    Alan (Blackpool Street Pastor)

  • mitch

    street pastors seems like a good idea because now people can feel safer on the streets of newport and ryde i also saw my teacher on one of your leaflets outside a pub!!!! lol

  • Brian Knight

    I think after reading your web page regarding what your street pastors do when out at night is a very good service to the community, I am glad to see this sort of thing going on so keep up the good work. regards Brian

  • Stevie Mansfield

    Attended Gosport Street Pastors induction eve and dear David was there giving testomy for the Iow SP. It was a great eve and I am praying that the Lord wants me amongst the streets. Prayers and love goes all to those who support this wonderful works xx

  • Jasper

    Is this not “Policing” but in a less intrusive and benign form?
    If so, are we beginning to see what amounts to “do your own policng” which has been bought about by recent govenment cuts to policing?

    I have to say, it is more acceptable and as far as I can tell effectual then “conventional” policing.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Martin

    The role of Street Pastors is a different one to that of the Police, and is very much seen by us as being something additional to policing rather then replacing it. Street Pastors have been serving the Isle of Wight since before the recent government spending cuts, and Street Pastors have been on the streets elsewhere for nearly ten years. The police (and other emergency services) do welcome our presence as it can often stop situations arising or escalating to a point where they get called in, and means their resources can be deployed more effectively. Street Pastors is just one example of communities deciding that relying on government to do everything doesn’t really work, and doing something practical to make our society better. Thanks for your comments, and we certainly hope to keep up the good work!

  • elizabeth

    I have seen the work of the street pastors on the island and think its great. In my view though i dont think you need the hats, they cant be doing you any favours when trying to engage with young people, as i understand thats what the school pasters are now trying to do! Keep up the good work and the sweets x

  • Graham Morris

    So So disappointed that not one single Street Pastor was present on the Streets of Ryde this evening for a fabulous carnival atmosphere. A Missed opportunity in profiling the work of SP’s.

  • IW Street Pastors

    We would like to be on the streets of Ryde and Newport every Friday and Saturday evening, however our patrols rely on us having enough volunteers and at present we aren’t able to provide all the patrols we would like. If anyone is interested in becoming a Street pastor we hope to be recruiting again in January.

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