School Pastors

School Pastors are volunteers who work around schools to provide safety and reassurance to students, parents and local residents.  School Pastors provide uniformed patrols in areas agreed with the school, such as around the school entrance or at places where young people congregate.  Their role is to provide support to students and a positive adult presence.

School Pastors aims to promote safety and help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour before and after school hours.  Volunteers work in and around the school site, focusing particularly on hot-spots identified by schools, local police, parents and students. They provide support to students who are experiencing difficulties with their school and community life.

The Isle of Wight Street Pastors charity runs School Pastors on the Island alongside the Street Pastors scheme.  Both are part of a national network overseen by the Ascension Trust.  School Pastors is managed by a dedicated coordinator, Dan Wells.  You can contact Dan on 07428 399866 or via email using the form here.

Following training of our first batch of volunteers in spring 2012 we now provide regular support after school and at lunchtime in Medina College in Newport.

School Pastors on patrol

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